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Eventception FAQ - Clearing Your Path to Event Success

What is Eventception?

Eventception is a platform to synthesize events from API transactions for building event driven systems. It integrates directly with most API platforms, gateways and proxies in near real time and allows you to synthesize API logs into self-evident events using an interactive model or declarative annotations embedded directly in your interface description, such as in your OpenAPI3 spec.

Can I use Eventception for audit-trails?

Yes, Eventception can capture the complete trail of request-responses for a gateway.

Can I use Eventception for API analytics and observability?

Eventception can be used to generate events and send the resulting events to data lakes, warehouses in near-real-time for various analytical concerns

How does Eventception work?

Eventception integrates with API Gateways and synthesizes domain events from the API Gateway logs

Can I try out Eventception?

Eventception is presently in private beta. You can get in touch with us for a detailed demo as well as help towards implementing your use case.

Can I use Eventception on my own cloud or on-premise?

Eventception is currently offered only as a hosted SaaS solution.

What gateways does Eventception support?

Eventception currently supports Kong and AWS API Gateway with support coming soon for Azure API Management, Apigee, Istio and Envoy.

How is Eventception different from Debezium (CDC) or Kafka Connect?

Unlike CDC, with Eventception, your APIs target the fully formed domain object as a resource, so therefore there are minimal processing overheads. Eventception is to APIs, what CDC is to Databases.

How is Eventception different from an API Gateway?

An API Gateway acts as an entry point for APIs, provides management functionality such as traffic control, transformations and observability. Eventception, on the other hand, integrates with API Gateways to synthesize events to a message broker for building Event Driven systems.

Can Eventception do stateful stream processing (ex:like Flink)

Eventception is not meant for stateful stream processing. Eventception is used to generate API domain events using the request-response logs of an API Gateway. The output is a stream which can be consumed through various channels.

Does Eventception work with Confluent cloud or Platform?

Yes, Eventception supports Confluent Cloud/Platform for ingesting API logs and for consuming generated events.

What are the available channels for consuming the events from Eventception?

Events generated by Eventception can be consumed in 1 of 4 ways - through a Kafka consumer, a sink such as a database or S3, a webhook or using a HTTP API.